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JAPAN ART SHOWS 2010 – Nagoya

LANDMARK SALE – 1.2-Million Yen

What an exciting day. “Gift of Roses” sold at the show today.

As in Fukuoka, the people here are so courteous and pleasant to me.
The shows are well attended. Afterward, the food is excellent. However, the pace is tiring. This may be one of the shortest reports ever, but it’s posted because this sale is certainly worthy of note.

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Japan Art Shows – Day 3 – Fukuoka

Just wrote a long blog and tried to attach photos and the whole thing got aborted, drats, and double drats! I’ll try again tomorrow but right now I’m nodding off at the netbook, due to former tiredness which I arrived with.

Good show, sold some of the new line of giclee prints. Lots of people, sweet mannered ones as usual. These people are so amazingly humble,mannerly and charmingly sweet. I am always touched by it each time I come.

Strange to be such a celeb here in Japan, people stand in line for my autograph…..what? yep, You’d think I was a famous country music star.

Fukuoka is a really nice city, wide streets and classy stores, a large metropolitan area. I usually don’t go into downtown areas like this, and it is amazing. So many choices of restaurants, small charming places full of atmosphere of the old Japanese culture, serving sushi , 40 varieties of sake. They have hundreds!

We had a tepanyaki dinner tonight a sort of do it yourself cook out on a small volcanic rock cooker in the middle of the table. Had to really keep an eye on it though. Amazing how quickly it cooked the food.

Japan Art Shows – Nov 2010 – Day 2

Well I made it to the city of my first show, Fukuoka, and finally had a horizontal rest last night for nearly 7 hours, felt good. I’m soooo happy I bought this cute little Hewlett Packard netbook. Love it. However, they don’t have any three pronged plugs in my room, so I cannot find a way to recharge it. Maybe I can find a converter plug somewhere today.

Yesterday was truly THE most grueling day ever.Was sleep deprived before I left anyway, and had to get to the airport three hours ahead on Monday. Didn’t get much sleep on the plane, with movies, food serving and such. The pilot said there were unusually strong winds and the plane would arrive in Narita airport in Tokyo late by two hours. Yikes! Had a connecting flight to make.

There was a small sweet girl waiting for me as I unboarded the aircraft which Cliff, my Japan business “partner”, had arranged for. She insisted on carrying my luggage although she was half my size but strong. They actually held up the plane for Fukuoka for two of us who were on the arriving flight. Then another nearly 3 hours of flying on top of the first 14, all this time no sleep, I believe I went nearly 40 hours with no real sleep, just a cat nap or two.

Cliff met me at the Fukuoka airport energetically telling me all about the show set up etc. It’s around 8:30 am here Wednesday morning and 3:30 pm Tuesday in LA. I’ts a gorgeous day here, puffy clouds and warmer than I had expected. I am at the “Richmond Hotel” a simple small business mens hotel with everything in Japanese, naturally. Am looking all over for their phone number, everything is in Kanji.

Daimaru Department Store

My show is at the Daimaru Department Store, which is the typical way Japanese dealers display their artist’s work. They rent the exhibitions floor and this also avails them to the wealthy client list of the dept. store. I like the way everything is so efficient here, everything is thought out, everything runs smooth, no glitches, people are very polite which makes life so delightful. Except they are also very exacting and things must be just so. One cannot make mistakes.

It’s such a beautiful day, in the 70’s, that I think I’ll go for a short walk to get some coffee and breakfast. Hope I find an adapter plug today so can charge my netbook , and keep sending entries for my blog.

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